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Jedi: Fallen Order is both one of the best Star Wars games to date and distressingly unrefined.

Cere has an axe to grind with the Empire, and for good reason.Respawn’s named-by-marketing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a game that impresses and frustrates in almost equal measure. Here’s an ambitious third-person action game that tells an engaging and at times moving story set five years after the...

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Kojima’s first post-Konami project is a bizarre, self-indulgent mess that never quite manages to tie its myriad pieces together.

What the hell is Death Stranding? This is all anyone has wanted to know since Hideo Kojima unveiled the project three years ago. In that unveiling, all we knew was that it starred a naked Norman Reedus, that there were babies, dead sea creatures, and weird floating people. Not a...

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Modern Warfare makes meaningful tech upgrades to the Call of Duty franchise, making it look and sound better than ever while still maintaining its crisp, exciting gameplay.

Qualitatively, the Call of Duty franchise has been on a bit of a roll lately. WWII felt like that first attempt at hitting the panic button with its back-to-basics approach. Black Ops 4 seemed like a different type of panic might have plagued its development, but the franchise’s first foray...

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Gears 5 plays around with the formula a bit, but it’s still at its best when it’s just being a solid-ass Gears of War game.

OK, let’s talk about this up front: Gears 5 is on Microsoft’s Game Pass service for both Xbox One and PC. That means you could potentially be playing this game for a fraction of the $60 you might expect to spend on a new, high-budget video game. Our general recommendation...

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Control feels like Remedy firing on all cylinders, resulting in a smart and sensational action-adventure.

Control is a great game for a lot of reasons, both big and small. It tells an exciting and interesting story in an extremely fascinating setting. It weaves in the episodic framework of a television show without requiring you to put down the controller for long periods of time. The...

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Destiny: The King’s Fall Raid – Part 02

The crew’s 3D platforming skills are put to the test and are rewarded justly.

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